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About Us

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Who we are

”The will to do creates everything”

Costal Corporation is a world-class leading manufacturer of Non-ferrous Metal material and fabricated products for electricity and electric power.

Since we were founded 1999, we have aimed to produce the finest quality products for electrical power generation, transmission, distribution and for applications in the electronic industries.

Technology, Customer Focus and an uncompromising attention to Quality are all fundamental to our success.

As a company, Costal Corporation always strives to set its own agenda, rather than pursing the business as a follower of existing market leader.

What we do

  • Costal Corporation is a company that manufactures nonferrous-metal-based materials and components for electricity and electric power.
  • The name ‘Costal’ was coined by combining ‘co’ from copper, ‘st’ from steel and ‘al’ from aluminum.
  • The company’s main products are busbars and materials & components called busbar processed goods for middle & high-tension electricity and electric power.
  • It’s component products are divided into two: standardized products and processed products based on customers’ orders.
  • Costal is manufacturing some 2,000 types of products for over 300 customers at home and abroad.
  • It is also capable of providing various types of coated, plated and insulated products.
  • Costal is always trying to reach customers in a wider business area.
  • Costal will approach customers with a variety of metal processing products with the best quality and high competitiveness.
  • Costal is pursuing the principle of high-end products.

Our vision

We will always endeavor to be a more competitive and dynamic company in order to respond appropriately to increasingly sophisticated and diverse customer requirements, and to provide superior value-added products through our innovation.

We will proactively engage in R& D activities to further improve of our product reliability and performance.

Costal has secured a competitive edge in the development of non-ferrous metal production and processing technology based on high-capacity demand in the machinery and electricity industries and has grown continuously by producing multi-roval drawing products copper bus bars for ultra-high-pressure circuit breakers and aluminum sleeve products.

Continue design, understanding, technology and research and development of accurate specifications and reliability of parts.

Through precise drawing work, Costal is striving to further enhance research technologies on copper and aluminum, low-pressure branch sleeves, ultra-high-pressure circuit breakers and low-pressure circuit breakers, copper busbar electronic systems, renewable energy, electric vehicles and solar power generation.

Research and Development activities

Costal Research Center has done extensive research and investment to produce copper busbar for ultra high-tension circuit breakers and aluminum sleeves.

R&D Center continues the research and development of technology for accurate specifications and reliability of products R&D Center  has been trying to our best to be a market leader with endless challenges.

Through precise drawing work, Costal will not cease research technologies on copper and aluminum, low-tension branch sleeves, ultra-high-tension circuit breakers and low-tension circuit breakers, copper busbar electronic systems, renewable energy, electric vehicles and solar power generation.

Research assignment name

Research Contents

Research on distribution line branch sleeve

Reseach on the prevention of corrosion and low-voltage by illumination of heterometals with the connection of low-presure branch lines that aluminum wires and copper wires are used on the aluminum brach sleeves or copper line for earth connection such as transformer

Research on circuit breaker copper and aluminum alloy super high pressure insulated opening device

Research on the enhancement of stability from the guarantee of homogeneity of electric field distribution of copper and aluminum sleeves that are used for super high circuit breaker and air tightness and prevention of corrosion

Research on busbar connecting device and lead terminal for panel board

Research on the seamless current communication and the improvement of conductivity of tin and silver plated products from the reduced connecting error by the convenient separation of sub-busbar white connection the main busbar and sub-busbar